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KING MEETS QUEEN (trademarked & developed by Viva Productions)
A concert style production that cleverly fuses together two of the worlds Rock 'n' Roll greats - Elvis Presley & Freddie Mercury

Guaranteed to get any audience on their feet...

Viva are incredibly proud of this has been performed on many stages from holiday resorts to the Isle of Wight Festival

Review from the Isle of Wight Festival 2011:
Sharing a line up with The Ting Tings, Prodigy & Stereophonics...."King Meets Queen”, a show full of polished energetic routines of music and dance which celebrate the talent of two great performers Elvis Presley and Queen, ROCKED the crowd in The Big Top!
The cast members who normally perform in front of around 8,000 holidaymakers, gave their all in front of 60,000 festival goers. - The Daily Dust (Isle Of Wight Festival review 2011)

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an exclamation of acclaim or approval; to salute and applaud
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